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The Whoosits Broken String Band started playing together in December 2007.  Bet you thought it had been a lot longer than that!  Well, for some of us, you would be right.  Of the original Whoosits Big Pile Good Time Garbage Band, five retired in the fall of 2007, and four more in February of 2009.  The rest of us plus a few new additions decided to "carry on" as the Whoosits "Broken String Band".  We usually played once a month (second Saturday) from 2-5pm at the Hangin' Tree Saloon in Bracken TX and a few other places.  On March 14th, 2015, we decided as a group to hang up our boots and saddles as a band, and pursue other interests.  We all remain friends and may even get together for a gig from time to time, but our routine performances are over.  Thanks for all your support over the years!
See our "gig" list (performance dates) and visit our favorite South Texas Honkytonk on-line or in person.  We'll see ya there!

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